7 Benefits of Switching Your Company to a Clean Energy Solution

Clean energy is great for the environment and even better for your business.

But what is Clean Energy, and how can your business benefit from this investment?

Clean energy is energy generated from sources that don’t pollute the air:

• Solar
• Wind
• Biomass
• Geothermal
• Biogas
• Hydro

Solar is the most popular commercially available option, as most business premises can easily accommodate a solar solution.

But every savvy business owner wants to know, “Will this investment provide worthwhile returns?”

Yes, 7 times over.

7 Benefits of Switching Your Company to Clean Energy

1. Consistent cost savings
2. Improves ESG score
3. Contributes towards CSR
4. Improves resilience
5. Builds company culture
6. Bulletproofs your company
7. New marketing avenue

Consistent cost savings

The cost of energy generated by non-renewable sources (coal, natural gas, and oil) are going everywhere but down. Switching to clean energy will immediately cut your utility bill, and you also won’t dread the next increase in electricity prices.

Improves ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) score

An excellent ESG score is an asset in itself, benefitting your company in a myriad of ways. It’s also rapidly becoming a compulsory element when discerning investors select viable investment opportunities.

When 70 senior executives from 43 global institutional investing firms – including the world’s 3 largest asset managers, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street – all say that ESG is top of mind, we might have to perk up and listen.

Contributes towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

A solid CSR strategy is now an expectation of most consumers, employees, and investors. By investing in clean energy, you’re heeding the call of 77% of consumers who say they prefer to purchase products or services from a company committed to social, economic, and environmental issues.

Improves resilience

Whether you entirely switch to clean energy, or rely less on energy from dirty power sources, your company is more resilient in tough times.

If facing an unpredictable scenario such as a complete power black-out, caused, for instance, by a faulty power station, you’ll either be minimally affected or not all.

When only partially relying on dirty power sources, you also have the option of switching these sources off during peak times when the cost of supply might be higher.

Builds company culture

Healthy company culture is linked to a host of benefits that positively influence a business’ bottom line.

By actively involving your team in an environmental cause, such as lowering your carbon footprint, you’ll have a collective sense of purpose that’s been proven to spark innovation and encourage growth.

Bulletproofs your company

Climate change impacts the global economy, and more and more countries are implementing stricter measures to curb carbon emissions.

By embracing a clean energy solution right now, your company is in the best possible position to adapt to new regulations as and when they’re implemented.

New marketing avenue

Attracting new customers is on any company’s to-do list. And one of the best ways is to launch a fresh marketing campaign. Even better when that marketing involves a “going green” initiative.

Latest studies done by IBM and the National Retail Federation show that a whopping 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada think it is important that a brand is sustainable.

Partner with SPH Solutions

Switching your business to a clean energy solution is easier when you partner with the right company. SPH Solutions provides a comprehensive plan that includes custom financing and contractual solutions that suit your unique needs. Don’t let a lack of capital stand between you and a flourishing business.

Contact our team of professionals for a free assessment and discover which solution is perfect for you.


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