Boost your Business and Save the Environment with Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable and clean energy may have been buzzwords up to now, but the new presidency thrust these terms into sharp focus.

The latest message from Biden’s energy secretary (aimed at the oil industry) is clear:

“Adapt or Die.”

In other words, reduce your carbon footprint by adopting clean/renewable energy solutions or face penalties and/or fines in the near future.

This applies to all businesses, not only dirty energy providers.

By the end of Biden’s first term, he wants to put “us on an irreversible path to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions no later than 2050.”

It might sound impossible, but transforming your own business from dirty to renewable energy sources is simpler than you think.

Which energy sources are renewable?

Renewable energy is produced from sources that either don’t deplete or that can be replenished within a human’s lifetime.

These include:
• Solar
• Wind
• Geothermal
• Biomass
• Hydropower
• Ocean thermal energy
• Ocean mechanical energy
• Hydrogen

Solar energy is the least expensive commercially available option that’s accessible to almost any business.

Are Renewable Energy and Clean Energy the Same Thing?

No. Not all clean energy sources are renewable. Clean energy is defined as being generated from sources that have zero-carbon emissions.

Nuclear energy is one example of clean energy generated by a non-renewable source. Currently, most nuclear energy processes use a rare type of uranium, U-235, that could eventually run out. During this process called nuclear fission, no carbon dioxide is released into the air, which classifies it as clean energy.

How Does Renewable Energy Benefit my Business?

Our article, “7 Benefits of Switching Your Company to Clean Energy,” addresses this topic in detail. And because the type of commercially available clean energy solutions is mostly renewable energy solutions as well, your business can enjoy these same benefits:

• Consistent cost savings
• Improved ESG score
• Contributes towards CSR
• Improves company resilience
• Builds company culture
• Bullet-proofs your company
• New marketing avenue

Which Renewable Energy Solution is Best for my Business?

Every business is unique, and only after a comprehensive energy audit can an effective solution be proposed.

Currently, the simplest and most cost-effective solution for most companies is to install photovoltaic solar panels.

Why Should You Choose SPH Solutions for your Solar Energy Solution?

SPH Solutions offers full spectrum photovoltaic (solar), energy storage, and energy efficiency services.

Our expertise includes:

Planning & Construction

• Feasibility Studies

• Financial Analysis

• Energy Production Modeling



• Power Purchase Agreements

• Capital Leases

• Operating Leases

• Site Licenses


Design & Engineering

• Electrical Design

• Plan Development & Array Layout

• Output Projection

• Project Estimation

• Permitting

• Equipment Specification

System Installation

• Project Management

• Construction

• Performance Testing

• Commissioning

• Customer Training



• Procurement

• Equipment Provision


Long-term O&M

• Maintenance

• Performance Verification

• System Monitoring



• Employee & Constituent Outreach



The time is ripe to embrace an energy solution that spares the environment while boosting your business.

We’re equipped with every skill you might need to navigate the world of effective energy solutions.


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