Knowledge is Power: 3 Climate Change Terms to Familiarize Yourself With

You hear it everywhere: efforts to minimize, prevent, reverse, and understand climate change. It will be the defining issue of our time. And not to be alarmist but, if it is not an issue we take great care in remedying, its effects could be detrimental for future generations.

If you’re reading this there are probably two truths. The first is that you want to do your part in making the world a sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean place to live. The second truth is that you don’t always know where to start or what you can do.

If you want to know better and be better when it comes to climate change keep reading for the: 3 Climate Change Terms You Should Know

1. Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy also referred to as ‘clean energy’ is a form of energy that is naturally replenished by the earth. Renewable energy solutions are great from a climate change stance as the use of these resources is sustainable due to their ability to replenish themselves. Renewable energy is also great from a business perspective as investors look at sustainability measures, like ESG standards when deciding which companies to invest in. Investors are likely to invest in companies that are environmentally sustainable as this is an indicator of their financial sustainability. Organizations that are sustainable are impressive to investors when considering future performance! We would argue that renewable energy solutions are the future of business!

SPH Solutions offers renewable energy solutions to a wide variety of organizations helping them to meet ESG standards and ultimately promoting sustainability and climate change efforts.

Read more about ESG and sustainability here.

2. Energy Justice

It is important to recognize the larger political, social, and economic systems contributing to climate change. For differences to be seen on a global level, sustainability efforts have to be accessible not just to the rich and privileged. Energy justice aims to make energy accessible, affordable, clean, and democratically managed for all communities.

SPH supports the Energy Justice movement by offering cost-effective solar electric solutions, that are accessible to a variety of organizations including non-profits. We believe in making renewable energy solutions accessible to all institutions and communities!

3. Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral refers to an entity, like a business, balancing out its carbon emissions by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world. The logic behind this is that any damage done by an entity through carbon emissions released during their business practices is nullified as they contribute to carbon saving efforts. Neutral is the term that encompasses this nullification, as it indicates that there is arguably no effect on the climate. Being carbon neutral does not mean that you are contributing to climate change reversal efforts, but that you are not actively contributing to climate change.

Fun Fact: Whole countries can be measured on their carbon neutrality. Research the carbon neutrality of your favourite countries to see how they stack up to each other!

The truth of the matter is that knowledge is power. Understanding the basics of climate change will allow you to join in conversations with others on the issue as well as give you a starting point to reflect on how you can contribute to fighting against it. For example, holding your elected officials accountable to clean energy solution projects in your town is much easier to do when you have a solid knowledge base to back your efforts.

Also, finding ways to make your organization a climate change warrior is easier when you know where to look!

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Lucky for you at SPH Solutions we are the leaders in helping organizations become more environmentally friendly. We do this by offering cost-effective solar electric solutions. Our solutions disrupt the traditional Power Utility industry by using distributed generation and technology democratizing energy production and cost.

When it comes to action on climate change, the world can’t wait and neither can your business.

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