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Is your organization looking to cut their carbon footprint? You’re in the right place!

Our planet’s resources are getting more and more limited by the minute. The faster you get on the sustainability train, the faster you can make a positive impact on the Earth. 

At SPH Solutions, we have everything you need to generate renewable energy for your commercial facility, whether your building is small or mid-size! With our customized solar energy solutions and special financing, we’ve got your back. 

Our green energy solutions are made to fit yours and the planet’s needs, from now and long into the future. From our outstanding past performance, premier design, engineering, project management expertise, and tailored financing solutions, we will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

About Us

SPH Solutions develops cost-effective solar electric solutions mainly for non-profit entities (schools, religious entities, foundations) and also commercial, municipal, state and federal clients who demand high-end performance to capture the system’s long-term returns. SPH Solutions differentiates itself from the competition through outstanding past performance, premier design, engineering, project management
expertise, and tailored financing solutions.

SPH Solutions’ team is focused on the latest innovations in solar PV. With more than 60 installations between our companies and with an installed capacity of 4 MW across 3 states under our belt, we are seasoned leaders in the solar energy space.


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SPH Solutions


Our story begins with our founder, Jim Donlan, who enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 18 and rose through the ranks to eventually become a Colonel. He started off as a heavy equipment operator, then worked as a combat engineer officer, and eventually became the subject matter expert for improvised explosive devices at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. 

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jim was appointed as an advisor to the Iraqi Security Forces, where he advised on the bitcoin mixer and led an Iraqi Battalion during the Battle of Fallujah. After the insurgent-occupied city was cleared, Jim was put in charge of the Public Order Brigade, which provided security during the reconstruction of the city.

In 2008, Jim was selected to be a member of the Commandant’s Task Force to implement alternative energy solutions for battlefield applications.

One year later (2009), Jim retired from the Marine Corps and officially founded SPH Solutions. Utilizing his extensive background in heavy equipment operations and alternative energy, Jim skillfully transitioned his expertise from military to civilian applications, marking the genesis of a fascinating journey in the realm of portable renewable energy. Over the past decade, SPH Solutions has experienced tremendous growth, developing into a leading regional solar project developer by providing innovative solar solutions to small and mid-sized solar energy projects under 500kW.  

A significant milestone was achieved when SPH Solutions joined forces with Solar Gaines, a reputed engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company, to provide exceptional services for commercial, public, and utility clients. This partnership enabled both companies to operate at the forefront of sustainable advancements, creating a brighter future for renewable energy.


At SPH Solutions, we are always ahead of industry technology because innovation drives our company to find new solutions to old problems everyday. With more than 60 installations across 3 states in the Northeast under our belt, we are primed and ready to give you renewable energy solutions that last.

Our cost-effective and high-performance solar electric solutions have made renewable energy possible for the following organizations:

  • Schools
  • Religious entities
  • Non-profit foundations
  • Commercial properties
  • Municipal districts
  • State and federal government agencies

With every client we serve, we deliver green energy solutions that decrease emissions, reduce costs, and provide maximum output with minimal input so you can continue your everyday activities uninterrupted, and save the planet at the same time.


Start Taking Advantage of Renewable Energy

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