SPH Solutions is Doing its Part: Our Sustainability Story

SPH Solutions was founded on the ability to sustain, quite literally. SPH’s founder, Jim Donlan served our great country from the young age of 18, quickly rising the ranks to be promoted to Colonel. From working as a Heavy Equipment Operator to a Combat Engineer Officer, becoming the Subject Matter Expert for Improvised Explosive Devices at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jim was imbedded as an advisor to the Iraqi Security Forces where he advised and led an Iraqi Battalion during the Battle of Fallujah. After the insurgent-occupied city was cleared, Jim was in charge of the Public Order Brigade providing security during the reconstruction of the city. Needless to say, Jim understands what it means to build systems, people, and business up to be sustainable.

In 2008 Jim was selected to be a member of the Commandant’s Task Force to implement alternative energy solutions for battlefield applications. He thrived in this environment and quickly became an expert in alternative energy solutions. This led to the eventual birth of SPH Solutions.

SPH Solutions is not only Service Disabled Veteran Owned, but also a leader in renewable energy and sustainability practices. Our solar electric generation projects set up our clients, both big and large, for a sustainable future.

Not only is SPH Solutions a sustainable business in itself, but we are also helping other businesses become more sustainable and reach ESG standards. If love multiplies, why can’t sustainability multiply too? With SPH Solutions, it can. And, the best part is that this compounding sustainability effect is wide-reaching. This is because at SPH solutions we offer sustainable and renewable energy solutions to a wide variety of organizations across the country.

These organizations include non-profits, schools, religious institutions, as well as commercial, municipal, state and federal clients. Sustainability practices and ESG standards can be upheld within all of these organizations despite their variation.

From high schools to churches to seniors apartments, SPH Solutions has done more than 60 installations of solar electric generation systems since our birth in 2009. This means that we have been directly involved in implementing huge sustainability and ESG promoting efforts at over 60 organizations. These installations coupled with our installed capacity of 4 MW across 3 states make us the seasoned leaders in the solar energy space. As leaders in this space, we intend to expand our compounded sustainability efforts by seeking out more organizations who wish to adopt ESG based practices. In doing so we can expand the use of solar electric generation projects as a sustainability practice within businesses, and ultimately promote the economic, social, and governmental responsibility that all companies should seek to uphold.

At SPH Solutions we lead by example in being an ESG compliant company committed to sustainability, while also promoting sustainability in organizations across our great nation through our work.

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